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The sports club Arka Gdynia, which was previously known mainly for its football team, has launched a new project called "Arka - G Dzierzwiszczyna eSports Team." GKS and Tychy have decided to go one step further and have started tomorrow with a team of global offensive counter-strike. American branches of the company have already worked with teams such as Team SoloMid and Cloud9, and in the UK their Lynx products have become sponsors of the Gfinity Elite Series. This is the first time I have visited this picturesque town after a trip to Krakow, Poland's second largest city, the capital of Poland and home to one of Europe's largest sports clubs.

In 2015, it hosted the first Gfinity League of Legends World Championship in Europe, and in 2017, T-Mobile was also crowned European Champion along with others.

Since the first event in Katowice in 2013, which was organised by Intel and ESL, they have sold an average of around 1,000 tickets. Since then, four other competitions have helped capture the mainstream trend and diversify the industry, highlighted by the Intel Challenge Katowice and ESL Katowice Royal featuring Fortnite. It is worth noting that the above events were the "first solutions" implemented by ESL to meet the needs of the top Polish teams, which, despite their achievements, have never played a game on the main stage in Spodek.

It should not be forgotten that ten years ago, when Katowice decided to support IEM, the sports industry was not even a recognisable industry. Woo says that the fans who show up in Poland are most passionate about e-sports.

Katowice has positioned itself as the centre of modern Polish music culture with major music festivals and events. The biggest rock alternatives gather at OFF, and with major events such as IEM, the biggest music festivals held in the city, it is undoubtedly a decisive moment for Polish electronic sports. Arka Gdynia and GKS Tychy were not the first Polish clubs to notice the potential of e-sports activities. However, an increasing number of clubs and the increasing popularity of sport in Poland could also be due to the high threshold for entry into the top professional escort leagues.

This is a crucial issue, as legal gambling is state regulated in Poland, and this is one of the main reasons for the growth of legal bookmakers, where they are investing more and more money in the competitive gambling market. This trend will continue in Poland, where we can expect further investment in this gambling sector.

Finding sponsors is very difficult, so we use our community to build a strong network of sponsors and a very active community. The community allows members to expand their knowledge of sport and share their experiences with each other and with the world.

In the first year of 2013 Katowice was only one stop for IEM games, but a year later the last event in the world was moved from Germany to Poland. In 2014, AZS Poland organized the second edition of the World Championship in Krakow, a city in the Silesian region of Poland. The event was eventually awarded to the Krakeow-Malopolska region of Poland, and in 2018 the Mindspot city KatOWICE was also awarded, this time for the bronze competition. Katowsice and the Sileia Region are considered candidates to host the 2023 European Games.

Officially declared a UNESCO City of Music, the city has one of the most prestigious music festivals in the world and the largest concert halls in Europe. Thus, within the borders of this born-again Polish state, we find the most beautiful and lively music scene in Europe and the best music schools.

As one of the longest running professional esports tournaments in the world, this global esports event defines a generation of esports tournaments. As the sport industry has progressed and events have gained worldwide recognition, the goal has shifted to maintain the prestige of the tournament and attract a new generation of esports fans.

The IEM Katowice 2019 won the title of "Best Engagement in Esports," which recognizes the event's ability to build deep relationships with fans and capitalize on the enthusiasm of the enthusiastic audience. The above results show the limits of Polish Paralympic sport and cover many areas related to sport.

Nowadays AZS Poland has forgotten its role in the development and promotion of sport in Poland as a whole, especially the participation of Polish athletes.

Providing fans with multiple ways to tune in directly contributed to IEM Katowice's record - and set the attendance figures. Telewizja Polska, which is well represented in the sports industry in Poland and other countries, has also acquired the right to publish the Esports Weekly series, which presents highlights of ESL events. Last year, Esports Observer reported that I generated more than 1.5 million viewers per day at the European Championships, a record for any sporting event in Europe. Intel has acquired a license to broadcast sports events such as the ESL World Championship, ESL Pro League and Overwatch League.

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More About Katowice