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I think Katowice is perhaps the most underrated city in Poland, but it certainly has a lot in store for you. For years, it was not a dreary grey city for me, where industry had gained the upper hand and where absolutely nothing interesting could be found. Like most people, I fall into the stereotype of Katowice as "the stereotype of Poland," but I don't think so.

Katowice and the whole Silesia region have been the driving force behind the "Polish economy" for years, with ups and downs. The main proof of the patriotism of the region is the fact that the three "Silesian Uprisings" were forced by the Polish state, not vice versa. Upper Silesia has always been Polish, but Katowice was ultimately within the boundaries of the Polish state, so I chose it because it was a visit with special aims. It is conveniently located just a few kilometres from the capital Warsaw, where many Poles live.

With Katowice International Airport and nearby Pyrzowie, the city is located on an important road and rail link that connects Poland and the rest of Europe in both directions. While KatOWice is only a few kilometres from the main attractions of Warsaw, a tour to Warsaw (see) offers a wide range of entertainment that can compensate for the rarity of some of the sights. After Warsaw, my next stop was the Silesian University, the most important science and education centre in the region, and the Polish National Museum.

CzAstochowa is also a must-see - a visit for anyone who wants to experience at least one or more cities in Poland. If you have a day off in Katowice and have not yet been to Krakow, you should take a look.

Prices for hotels and flights are the most expensive, but you can save by buying well in advance. Experience shows that it is not the best time to travel - the busiest months for tourism to Katowice and Poland are June, followed by March and June. If you plan to travel by train anywhere in Poland, you must visit Poland in February 2018.

For most people, the things they know about tourist destinations in Poland revolve around picturesque historical centers and pretty architecture. On my third visit to Poland, I decided to focus on one city: Katowice, a former industrial city that is very popular with artists. I suppose that in Poland there are tourist attractions everywhere like museums, art galleries, restaurants, hotels and hotels, but this visit was nice and interesting. Hardly anyone falls in love with Poland, and it is a destination that they first consider their first destination.

Reclaiming industry and regaining culture must be the best definition of Katowice as a whole. The largest private gallery in Poland is currently the National Gallery of Art, one of the largest and most famous art galleries in Poland.

Every year Katowice hosts a number of trade fairs, including the International Trade Fair of Poland (ITF) and the World Economic Forum (WEF). In the summer, the World Trade Organization (WTO) holds its annual conference here, the largest trade and investment conference in the world.

The Historical Museum of Katowice is an excellent gallery that gives you an insight into the life of the city and presents the history of the city and its inhabitants as well as its cultural heritage. The exhibits include a variety of non-professional art, including works by miners, and a collection of historical photographs.

Visiting this complex is probably one of the best things to do and see in Katowice, and if you are looking for an insight into the history of Silesia and its behavior before its incorporation into Poland after the uprisings of 1919-21, this monument is hard to miss. The city of Krakow in Poland was settled on the site of the former KatOWice coal mine.

In this post I will tell you some of the best things you can do and hopefully it will also encourage you to be in Poland next time. Katowice has many attractions that can fill your travel time, and you should be sure that there will be something worth seeing during your stay in Katowice. If you are travelling in winter, look at some suggestions for good ski resorts in Poland, or if you are interested in other routes to Poland, look at the possibilities and ideas for tours in Poland. Whether you stay here for a night or visit it on a city break, you will definitely have to experience it yourself.

To enjoy all that Katowice has to offer, you should go for a walk to enjoy everything. This ultimate Poland route will help you plan your trip down to the last detail and hopefully it will make you as excited to go there as I am.

More About Katowice

More About Katowice